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Rewards Program

Charge more, save more!  At Revitalize Charging Solutions, we value our members. Our goal is to not only help our members get from point A to point B but to help save you money on your EV Charging sessions.

Below are the details on how the Rewards program works.

Members can earn points, two ways: 
1.  Refer new members to the RCS platform 
2.  Earn while you charge. 

Charging Points:
0 – 2 kWh per charging session = 0.5 point
2 – 5 kWh per charging session = 1 point
6 – 10 kWh per charging session = 1.5 points
11 kWh and above = 2 points

Referral Points: 
3 points for every new member referred that sign up for RCS membership.

For every 10 points accumulated, RCS members will earn a free 2-hour charging session.

Notice: The rewards program only apply to RCS members with an active account.